Kim Holbrook. Artist

Artist Statement:

Truly, the urge to create is irresistible to me.

It is my breath and sanity.

Growing up, I was always involved in art and creative pursuits. After studying art in college I moved to San Diego where I fell in love with the bold colors often used in Mexican and California design. I have always been intrigued by textiles and I am especially drawn to the repetitive horizontal patterns inherent to Native American fabrics. My intuitively layered bands of color are contemplative and engaging and they speak subliminally to the repetitive linear nature of human existence and time.​
Creating these large scale canvases (4' x6' - 6' x 9') is quite physical and meditative allowing me to be surrounded by paint and engulfed in color. In today's dehumanized world and hectic exsistence these paintings provide a sense of peace and joy sometimes missing from daily life.